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Soft Foot in Shaft Alignment
It is impossible to properly align a machine with a soft foot, but as many types of Soft Foot condition exist it is important to understand the possible causes.

ISTecnik Precision Laser Metrology
Portable CMM System
Handyprobe High Performance Optical Portable CMM
  Actiris Handheld Cordless Portable CMM Probe
Handyprobe is a  powerful and truly portable CMM system that delivers fast and effective 3D inspection capabilities for use both in the factory and out in the field. Using well proven optical photogrammetry technology that is rapidly growing in use in Automotive and Aerospace industries around the world, Handyprobe has substantial advantages in accuracy and measuring capabilities over traditional portable CMM systems.
  • Unobstructed measuring range to 6m without leapfrogging, re-referencing or loss of accuracy.
  • Light and ergonomic connection free stylus probe.
  • Direct non-contact surface measurement capability.
  • Low sensitivity to temperature variations.
  • System contains no encoders or other moving parts
  • Part movement or base movement during inspection does not affect accuracy!
  • Fast setup anywhere on a lightweight carbon fibre tripod.
  • Traceable full volumetric recalibration by operator in less than 5 minutes.
  • Simultaneously track and log positions of up to 50 points in real time.

The system has a large and practical operating range suitable for components up to 6m, using a highly ergonomic connection-free stylus probe weighing only 500g.The Handyprobe portable CMM is easily set up, auto-calibrated and ready to use in less than 30 minutes virtually anywhere.


The systems advanced optical technology delivers a fully automated light-weight portable CMM measurement process that does not rely on ultra-precision bearings or physical linkages for its long term accuracy, and that has low sensitivity to thermal expansion in uncontrolled environments.


Not only is Handyprobe a highly portable CMM, it delivers powerful measurement capabilities with single point accuracy of +/- 0.015mm and a high level of dependability of results through its continuous real-time monitoring of the actual position of part datums during measurement.


Actirirs350 Portable CMM in ActionThe system's unique Dynamic Referential  feature allows parts to be measured without being fixed down, avoiding complicated fixturing or any special mounting of the system, and enables this unique portable CMM to inspect all faces of a component in a single setup without teh complication or errors of leapfrogged datums, delivering reduced inspection times and eliminating datum referencing errors.  For engineering applications, parts that are moving or deflected under load are easily able to be measured without loss of accuracy.


The system's CAD Model Based Inspection capabilities incorporate full surface measurement functionality and automated graphical inspection reporting, allowing extensive general metrology needs to be met. By simply triggering the measurement probe on the part feature the system will directly display the actual surface deviation from the model.


Alternatively,  components without a drawing are able to be measured very effectively using either geometric features or free-form techniques. A large number of surface points may be scanned using the continuous-shot mode, or for detailed surface scanning tasks by using the system's optional laser scanner.


This affordable user friendly system outperforms many conventional portable CMM systems in its range, versatility, measurement speed, accuracy, and ease of use.

To make your own evaluation, request a live demonstration at your facility to see the performance of the Handyprobe portable CMM in action, or for detailed product information on handyprobe:

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