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An Open Letter to Rod Hamar

The reasons we like selling Hamar Stealth Shaft Alignment Lasers

Soft Foot in Shaft Alignment
It is impossible to properly align a machine with a soft foot, but as many types of Soft Foot condition exist it is important to understand the possible causes.

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Fibrotor Rotary Index Tables
Rotary Index Tables

Fast, accurate indexing for automation, with outstanding reliability.

The Fibrotor range of precision index tables provide fast indexing and high load capacities. Unique design features provide excellent rigidity, high crash resistance and a long trouble-free operating life. Designed for high reliability in demanding production environments, Fibrotor has been tried and proven by leading manufacturers all over the world for many years.

Fibro high speed rotary index tables for automation

These tables are available in three standard ranges as well as to suit custom requirements, meeting the needs of diverse industries, in applications ranging from simple 180 degree pendulum rotation for machine loading and unloading, through fixed angle index systems for any indexing division from 2 to 96 per revolution, either continuous or reversing, and programmable tables for irregular indexing divisions or variable indexing cycles.

Fibro high speed rotary indexing tables for automation

The ER index table range provides an efficient, standardised solution for common indexing applications in popular table sizes, available with fast lead times.

The EM index table range provides a wide selection of table sizes and high indexing accuracy, with optional features, such as heavy duty top bearing design, hydraulic table clamp, index locking, built-in design, ATEX certification, right-angle or parallel drive arrangements and small index angles.

All standard AC brake motor driven Fibrotor tables are available with an optional pre-programmed frequency inverter drive, allowing customers to install an indexing solution as simply as possible that will provide smooth motion and a self-contained, secure indexing cycle.

Fibro high speed rotary indexing tables for automation

The EM.NC range of tables provides a simple solution to achieving irregular index angles and programmable indexing cycles. Available with FibroDRIVE technology which consists of a compact integrated motor and programmable drive/control module, the EM.NC rotary tables may be implemented with simple I/O integration to a machine PLC, without the need for a CNC control system or cabinet mounted drives.

For more information on Fibro CNC Rotary Tables or Rotary Index Tables or to enquire about a solution for your rotary motion application, call IS Tecnik on 1300 699 176 or email us at

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