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An Open Letter to Rod Hamar

The reasons we like selling Hamar Stealth Shaft Alignment Lasers

Soft Foot in Shaft Alignment
It is impossible to properly align a machine with a soft foot, but as many types of Soft Foot condition exist it is important to understand the possible causes.

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Laser Machine Alignment
Geometrical Machine Laser Alignment
Using our in-house Hamar L-743 ultra-precision triple-scan laser equipment, we are able to offer a full machine geometrical alignment, inspection and calibration service throughout Australia for any special geometrical alignment requirements. This capability is especially valuable for aligning very large machinery of any kind.

Typical Applications include:
  • Long Bed Lathes
  • Roll Grinders
  • Crank Grinders
  • Large Machining Centres
  • Jig Borers
  • Floor Borers
  • Gantry Mills
  • Roll lines for paper and steel manufacturing
  • Printing Machines
  • Injection Moulding Machines
  • Precision flat floors, ┬átables and structural mounting pads
  • Continuous casters
  • Wind turbines and wind turbine towers

Machine bed flatness, rail parallelism & straightness and the squareness of all axes are able to be measured rapidly and with exceptional accuracy.

The ability to provide live readings of heights or positions at any point on a machine allow machine adjustments to be made accurately and with the minimum down-time.

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L-743 Laser Geometrical Calibration on CNC Machining Centre
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