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New Feature! Reports with Photos & Signature
Now you can directly insert photos and a signature into Stealth alignment reports.

Correcting Soft Foot

The importance of correcting soft foot errors demands effecitve laser soft foot measurement

Direct Angle Measurement
Why Stealth Technology is Better over Long Distances

Exceptionally Rugged 8" and 10" Laser Display Screens

Check out the torture tests that Stealth Laser display units were subjected to in development.

Stealth Laser Shaft Alignment Website
Hamar Laser Instruments have launched a new website dedicated to their industry leading STEALTH range of Laser Alignment Systems

FibroDRIVE+ in Australia
New FibroDRIVE+ tables with integrated control & drive allow simple implementation of programmable rotary positioning.

Fibro Rotary Motion
ISTecnik appointed national distributor of Fibro rotary motion systems

Efficient Sole Plate Levelling
Dual axis electronic levels from Digipas shorten sole plate levelling times by 50%.

New Ultra Precision Digital Machinists Level
The 2-axis DWL8500xy is suitable for precision machine levelling to 1 arcsecond in both directions.

TC-76D All New Digital Scanning Probe

The all new TC76D scanning probe from Blum provides large time savings and interesting new probing possibilities.

New Versions of S-680 Laser Shaft Aligner
New S-680BP and S-680BT laser shaft aligners from Hamar put the ultimate alignment precision in reach of more users.

New S-660 Laser System - Affordable Performance
The outstanding Hamar S-660 wireless laser shaft aligner now released in Australia.

New Precision Dual Axis Levels
A new range of 2-axis precision digital electronic machinists levels provides high levelling accuracy and simplicity.

Laser Pump Alignment
Hamar S-670 sets new standards in pump alignment efficiency and ease of use.

CNC Machine Calibration
Fast and affordable CNC machine axis calibration with LICS-100A

Used Laser Shaft Aligner Sale
One used S-680 Laser Shaft Aligner on sale now

Laser Precision Machine Levelling
The Hamar L740 series scanning laser levels provide ideal levelling solution for all machine tools.

Lasers Vastly Improve Pulley Alignments
Reflected beam laser technology provides far superior pulley and belt alignments in rapid time.

Precision Machine Tool Alignment

Hamar Multi-plane Geometrical Lasers Ideal for Aligning Large Precision Machine Tools

Soft Foot in Shaft Alignment
It is impossible to properly align a machine with a soft foot, but as many types of Soft Foot condition exist it is important to understand the possible causes.

ISTecnik Precision Laser Metrology
S-680 - The Professional
Laser Shaft Alignment , Stealth S-680

The highest performance shaft alignment laser for the most demanding tasks

The S-680 is the next-generation in high performance laser shaft alignment! It is the most highly featured laser system in the market leading Stealth Series, designed for the most demanding laser alignment applications, and wherever down-time is critical.

S-680 Laser Shaft Aligner with Tablet Control


The S-680 Laser Alignment System uses latest generation Super-Linear PSD measurement technology and sophisticated electronics to provide an easy to use alignment system that is both compact and light-weight, with advanced features to allow any alignment to be completed with the highest accuracy in the minimumn time.

The system is exceptionally rugged, highly water resistant and displays clear, dependable, live alignment data.

S-680 Feature Summary
  • Fast and simple operation using a 5-step checklist
  • Latest 5-axis laser technology provides simultaneous vertical and horizontal live graphics and data
  • Rugged 8" or 10" Windows Touch Tablet displays
  • Auto-sweep mode for fast alignment measurement over any angle
  • Efficient & safe Bluetooth wireless with full shift battery life
  • Clear "live" colour graphics guide the alignment, showing precisely the direction and value to move equipment
  • Green-light "in-tolerance" icons immediately show when a good alignment is reached
  • Choose a standard alignment cycle to suit all conditions: Autosweep, Autoclock, Pointmode, Passmode, Boltbound, Spacershaft, Arcmode and Vertical
  • Pass-Mode aligns uncoupled shafts quickly and easily by simply rotating the target past the laser at any angles
  • The repeatability table displays full measurement history and allows data selection and averaging multiple readings
  • Virtually unlimited reports are directly stored in the hand-held controller
  • Print or email reports straight from the laser Toughpad via a wireless network or hotspot

The rugged tablet style display includes: built-in communications, ultra-bright high resolution touch-screen, long battery life, and is waterproof to IP67.

Stealth Laser Shaft Aligner Rugged 10 Inch Display

A compact, heavy duty water resistant carry case with moulded foam protective inserts is supplied as standard to protect the system under tough site conditions.

Standard software suite includes bolt bound capability, vertical shaft alignment mode, pause measurement feature, user defined tolerances, recordable results table/alignment history and the storage of machine templates.

S-680 Techincal Features in Detail

The S-680 laser aligner incorporates a high precision measurement cell with 0.0005mm resolution and a powerful 5-axis measurement capability. This provides fully live readings of all alignment results in a single measurement operation, including a live readout of both vertical foot shimming values and horizontal foot moves.

In addition, the S-680 comes as standard with a powerful suite of software capabilities to suit virually all alignment applications. The unique dual beam super linear 5-axis laser measuring technology of the S-680 provides direct position and angle measurements with 0.5 micron resolution and automatic rotation sensing, as well as a 30mm x 10mm sensor measurement range to accommodate initial rough alignment. This system allows shaft alignments to be done quickly and simply with a single sweep of the shafts through any angle (> 60 degrees) to automatically generate all shimming and adjustment values. Start and stop of rotation can be done at any angle and are automatically sensed, with no buttons to press.

Wireless Bluetooth operation is standard, eliminating potentially dangerous cables from the working area, making rotations easier and allowing the hand-held display to be moved to any convenient position, which is especially useful during "live" foot adjustment on large equipment. The Bluetooth radio module is fully integrated into the laser receiver and does not require additional batteries. The laser and target are equipped with the latest technology in rechargeable internal Lithium Polymer batteries, suitable for more than a full day's work without recharging (laser: 100+ hours, wireless target: 12 hours).

Laser Shaft and Coupling Alignment

The operator is fully guided through a clear and simple 5-point alignment checklist by the system software, which includes a procedure for soft-foot measurement and correction prior to alignment. The control unit provides a high resolution graphics display with easy to read numbers and a clear pictorial representation of the equipment alignment errors. The alignment errors and required shimming values are displayed in a single screen. A 4-axis live display guides equipment positional adjustments. Total elimination of the traditional need for "clock" positions to be correctly oriented and for reading values to be inverted according to radial positions removes common sources of operator error.

A laser range of 10m makes the system also suitable for long spacer shaft alignments and special applications. A detailed alignment report may be customised for each job, including application notes, and any number of reports may be saved in the hand-held computer without the need for special data transfer connections or software. The standard system includes mounting adaptors for shafts from 25mm to 300mm diameter, with 100mm, 150mm, 200mm and 300mm mounting posts included. Optional extension chains allow the unit to be used on shafts up to 450mm diameter or larger. Non-rotating shaft adaptors are also available.

Standard software features include:
  • Auto Sweep Mode - simply start rotating the coupled shafts by any angle to automatically measure the shaft alignment errors
  • Graphics Zoom Function - live display graphics to best visualise the alignment errors
  • Soft Foot Measurement - allows soft-foot mounting conditions to be automatically identified and shows the required shim correction
  • Recommended Tolerances - according to shaft speed. A green light "in-tolerance" indication is displayed when alignment becomes within allowable limits.
  • Jack Shaft / Spacer Shaft Mode - provides alignment data and graphics to suit a jack-shaft drive.
  • Thermal Growth Compensation - allows target offsets to be entered to offset machine thermal growth values
  • 2000+ File Storage - provides virtually unlimited file storage on the hand held computer controller.
  • Adjustable averaging - allows averaging of alignment readings to be increased for difficult light conditions or high vibration levels.
  • Pause Mode - start and stop auto sweep to take measurements over multiple sectors.
  • Bolt Bound Feature - provides for foot shims and moves to be calculated based on a bound foot situation.
  • Vertical Shaft Mode - provides a dedicated procedure and graphics for vertical shaft applications.
  • Uncoupled Pass Mode - provides a fast and simple procedure for the alignment of uncoupled machinery.
  • User Defined Tolerances - allows the user to set up tolerances at values to suit specific coupling specifications.
  • Results/History - allows up to 5 sets of alignment data for a machine to be stored and viewed as a table.
  • Machine Templates - allows templates of machine setups with dimensions and alignment data to be stored and recalled.
Additional optional features for the S-680include:
  • Train Alignment - provides for optimised alignmnet of multiple in-line coupled equipment.
  • Special Mounting Adaptors - an extensive range of accessories to suit specal mounting requirements includes a magnetic mounting base, roller brackets for non-rotating shafts, offset brackets, bolt hole mounting, small shafts and extended length chains for very large shafts.
Download an S-680 Laser Alignment System Brochure To download a detailed information sheet on the S-680 laser system

For more information on STEALTH S-680 laser shaft and coupling alignment systems or to enquire about a solution for your laser alignment application, call IS Tecnik on 1300 699 176 or email us at
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