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An Open Letter to Rod Hamar

The reasons we like selling Hamar Stealth Shaft Alignment Lasers

Soft Foot in Shaft Alignment
It is impossible to properly align a machine with a soft foot, but as many types of Soft Foot condition exist it is important to understand the possible causes.

ISTecnik Precision Laser Metrology
Precision Laser Levels
Precision Laser Level

Hamar Scanning Laser Levels Deliver the Ultimate Flatness and Levelling Precision

  • Ultra-Precision Laser Levels for Industrial Equipment up to 60 M
  • High resolution Radio Targets connect to Handheld PDA Readout

The Hamar L-740 laser level represents the engineering industry's highest accuracy rotating beam laser level specifically designed for precision industrial leveling applications.

This ultra-precision instruments provide leveling accuracy down to 1 arcsec (0.005mm/M)and laser plane flatness down to 0.5 arcsec (0.0023mm/M) through 360 degrees. Flatness less than 0.0013mm/M is achieved over a 90 degree sweep.

L-743 Laser Level

The safe, low powered diode laser has an operational range of 30 metres radius and is visible to allow easy setup.

The system's effectiveness is maximised by Hamar's precision electronic targets which automatically measure laser beam position and transmit the live reading to a handheld PDA display or to a notebook computer, with an available readout resolution of 0.001mm.

The L-730 precision laser level is also available for less strictly demanding applications.

Plane5 software provides a powerful graphical tool for quickly measuring and analysing surface characteristics.

Some Laser Applications include:

  • Precision machine levelling
  • Surface flatness checking
  • Measuring machine beds, large bearing surfaces and fabrications
  • Setting machine beds and floor plates flat with high accuracy
  • Leveling aerospace tooling
  • Turbine split joint levelling
  • Setting continuous casters
  • Setting Antenna arrays
  • On site machining

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