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Soft Foot in Shaft Alignment
It is impossible to properly align a machine with a soft foot, but as many types of Soft Foot condition exist it is important to understand the possible causes.

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Laser Scanner and Point Tracking Features Added to Portable CMM

ActiCM's latest release of ASP software integrates high performance laser scanning, dynamic point tracking and automated tube bending program setup and adjustment


The Actiris350 vision based portable CMM system now includes a fully integrated laser scanner option, using Kreon's advanced range of laser scanners. Three scanning widths are available from 25mm to 100mm to cover precise laser scanning of finely detail objects as well as high speed laser scanning of large components. The laser scanner option integrates directly to either PowerInspect or Geomagic software to provide powerful reverse engineering or model based verification capabilities.


The combination of a laser scanner with the unique datum tracking capabilities of the Actiris350 portable CMM system makes it one of very few laser scanning systems able to accommodate part movement during scanning and able to scan large objects from many angles in a single datum setup. These powerful features are delivered with a highly competitive level of precision and unmatched ease of use.



The new ActiTrack option for the Actiris350 portable CMM unleashes the powerful capability of this vision based measurement system to not only measure using a handheld contact probe or a laser scanner, but also to simultaneously measure many target points directly on a component, assembly or mechanism without contacting the part.


Up to 50 independent points are able to be simultaneously tracked by the system in real time, and logged at a scan rate of 15 cycles/sec, with a displacement resolution as small as 0.005mm. An external trigger signal input provides for automatic event synchronisation.


ActiTrack is a powerful tool for recording dynamic motions of any kind. Applications include the mapping of elongations in tensile failure testing, recording of the motion profile of articulated devices including multi-link suspension systems, and finding any unwanted deflections in structures or assemblies under their operating conditions.


A uniquely powerful feature of ActiTrack is the ability to directly measure movements with respect to the desired reference frame, even if it itself is in motion during the test event.



The inherent characteristics of the Actiris350 vision based portable CMM have proven to be ideal for efficiently measuring the geometry of CNC bent tubing. The ability to set up and dynamically track measurement datums mounted on the tube itself eliminates the need to rigidly fixture such awkward parts, and allows the part to be moved around freely during inspection to reach all sections.


The new ActiTube software applies these capabilities to provide a full customer solution for programming and adjusting tube bending machines.


Pipe coordinates are first entered into the ActiCM software, which automatically generates and downloads a control program for the bending machine. The geometry is also sent to the system's PowerInspect metrology software, and once a 1st off part is measured by the portable CMM, the bending machine program is automatically adjusted according to the measured results (includingn residual springback errors) and is reloaded to the bending machine.

The ActiTube software provides major time savings and quality improvements in CNC tube bending applications.

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