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It is impossible to properly align a machine with a soft foot, but as many types of Soft Foot condition exist it is important to understand the possible causes.

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New Generation Laser Shaft Alignment System

Hamar's new generation S-650 laser shaft alignment system delivers the ultimate accuracy and ease of use for Australian industry.

IS Tecnik has released the new generation Hamar S-650 totally wireless 5-axis laser shaft alignment system to the Australian market. 


The system offer a brilliantly simple alignment operation using its 5th axis dynamic rotation sensor that supercedes traditional clock position rotations with a fast single sweep through any angle.

The user friendly system has sub-micron accuracy and a large measurement range for fast roughing-in, no annoying cables, fast setup and easy to use graphical software to clearly and quickly indicate shimming values from the live 4-axis display.

s-650 Laser Shaft Alignment SystemThe Hamar S-650 laser shaft alignment system represents a new generation of highly easy to use shaft alignment tool, as well as delivering an industry leading accuracy level and extensive features to efficiently guide the operator in many different shaft alignment situations.

An advanced remote wireless communications link means that target data is sent back to the display CPU of the alignment system in real time without any annoying cables from the laser or the target.

No other laser shaft alignment system offers better accuracy, being less than 1 micron vertically and 0.2 microns horizontally, and with angular accuracy of less than 10 micro radians. Accurate results are able to be obtained in cramped conditions using as little as 60degrees rotation.

With features including quickset brackets, adjustable laser beam and radio communications link, shaft alignment set up time is less than 5 minutes.

Both coupled and uncoupled alignments are made easy by the system's automatic rotation sensor. Simply rotate from the desired start angle to finish angle with no stopping and no buttons to press.

The laptop based software provides the largest colour graphics display in the industry.

A true 5-axis target reads both horizontal and vertical centre and angle simultaneously. Dynamic graphics in 4 axes instantly and directly show  machine alignment corrections as they are being made.

A dedicated mode specifically provides vertical pump capability, with 4 axes graphics.

The largest measurement cell on the market allows compensation up to 25mm to be easily accommodated.

Rough alignment of new installations is able to be done quickly and easily because the laser and target are pre-aligned to the brackets, providing substantial time savings over the whole job.

A large sensing range of up to 9 metres between laser and target allows long shafts to be easily measured and aligned.

The Hamar laser shaft alignment system is a powerful but affordably priced tool, with all systems including, as standard, a complete package of laser, 5-axis target, wireless links, case,  brackets and optional ruggedised laptop computer.

For further information or a system demonstration, contact IS Tecnik on 02 9546 5676.

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