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The reasons we like selling Hamar Stealth Shaft Alignment Lasers

Soft Foot in Shaft Alignment
It is impossible to properly align a machine with a soft foot, but as many types of Soft Foot condition exist it is important to understand the possible causes.

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Laser Pump Alignment

Hamar S-670 sets new standards in pump alignment efficiency and ease of use.

The Hamar Stealth S-670 Laser Pump Shaft Alignment System is the latest generation of Hamar's industry proven laser alignment systems.

It delivers the ultimate in ease of use, speed and efficiency for any pump alignment applicaion, all at an affordable cost.

Behind the simple to use step by step control is a range of new technologies specifically applied to deliver high performance and fast alignment times. What the operator will sense from the first alignment is a system that is highly ergonomic, easy to set up and that provides clear guidance through the full alignment process. He will be impressed at the system's ability to capture alignment data in seconds and produce highly repeatable results. The live data and live graphics on the Stealth system's "MOVE" screens will then allow the pump motor to be adjusted to within tolerance faster than ever before.

Features of the Stealth S-670 that deliver this impressive pump alignment performance include:

* Measurement resolution of 0.001mm and accuracy within 0.3%

* Totally wireless handheld display using BlueTooth communication

* A large 30x10mm detector cell with automatic light compensation

* Hamar dual beam direct position & angular measurement system

* Integrated automatic rotation sensing with 0.1 degree resolution

* Latest technology LiPolymer batteries have 12+ hrs continuous life

* High resolution VGA colour touchscreen display

* Simple 5 Step software providing clear graphical displays

* Screen specific on-board help screens available at all times

* Rugged IP67 rated dust and waterproof design of all components

* Versatile and stable, quick mounting shaft brackets

Whether your need is for simply minimizing pump alignment times or for achieving the highest level of alignment accuracy for high speed equipment, the Stealth S-670 delivers unequalled pump alignment performance.

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