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It is impossible to properly align a machine with a soft foot, but as many types of Soft Foot condition exist it is important to understand the possible causes.

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Lasers Vastly Improve Pulley Alignments

Reflected beam laser technology provides far superior pulley and belt alignments in rapid time.

While the use of laser technology for shaft and coupling alignment is accepted as the benchmark for best practice throughout most industries, pulley alignments are still widely being undertaken without the use of precision laser tools.

However, even though a typical belt or chain drive system has some inherent compliance for misalignment errors, major gains in operating costs are being achieved by the application of a state-of-the-art laser pulley alignment technology that is surprisingly affordable and easy to use. Reflected beam laser technology is able to provide more consistent and accurate pulley alignments in shorter time without specially trained operators. Better detection and correction of alignment errors delivers greatly improved belt and pulley life as well as reduced operating noise and energy consumption. For large belt spans and high rotational speeds, laser alignment is virtually essential for consistent alignment results.

Traditional laser systems available for pulley alignment have been of two types. Sophisticated systems with electronic targets and computerised readouts based on shaft alignment technology have suffered from excessive cost, operating complexity and high sensitivity to mis-handling in a maintenance environment. Alternatively, simple line of sight systems have promised more affordability but in practice have offered limited advantages over traditional straight-edge techniques because of accuracy limitations and the complexity of visually  interpreting multiple targets. Obtaining reasonable performance has proven to be dependent on the reliability of laser components, the quality of lenses used and the durability of mounts and housings.

Seiffert Industrial, based in Richardson Texas, developed and patented an alternative reflected laser beam technology that provides uniquely high pulley alignment accuracy from a compact, robust and simple to use system. At its heart is a precisely defined, high visibility line laser projected from a magnetic head mounted on one pulley to a mirror on the other pulley which reflects the laser back to a graduated scale on the laser head. This arrangement magnifies angular alignment error by approximately 20x, providing an amplified visual error reading that allows precise adjustments to be made.

The two components of the system are simply attached to the pulleys to be aligned using strong magnets. Once the laser is switched on, direct visual indications of all three components of alignment error are shown on graduated scales at the same time. The intuitive laser display of the twist, pitch and offset errors between the pulley shafts allows the operator to immediately begin correcting alignment errors.

Already widely proven throughout North America and adopted by leading belt manufacturers, the Seiffert laser system has demonstrated high alignment accuracy, ease of use and a level of industrial robustness that matches the typical maintenance environment.

The all-metal constructed pulley alignment unit with its high quality, long life laser and glass optical components is delivered in a compact protective carry case and is backed by a 2 year warranty from the manufacturer.

Two models of the Seiffert Laser Pulley Alignment System are available for different application ranges:

   - Pulley PARTNER- Standard Red Line System

   - Pulley PRO - Green Line System ideal for Outdoor Operation

Refer to Laser Pulley Alignment  page for more specific detail on these systems.

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