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High Resolution Handheld 3D Laser Scanner

Creaform has released the new high acccuracy EXAscan portable 3D laser scanner.

With the release of the new EXAscan handheld 3D laser scanner unit, Creaform has improved laser scanning resolution to a definition as fine as 0.050mm, with a level of scanning accuracy as high as 0.040mm, as well as incorporating a range of practical new features and scan data quality improvements.


The EXAscan shares the independent self-positioning technology of its sister REVscan product. This technology eliminates the need for an external positioning system such as an articulated arm or other portable CMM device delivering unmatched scanning portability and a high level of suitability for scanning in restricted spaces. 


Combined with an additional 3rd high resolution camera, EXAscan now also delivers highly impressive scanning precision and resolution, and the ability to switch either automatically or manually between high and low resolution scanning modes according to the detail of the component being scanned.


Like REVscan, EXAscan operates with Creaform's included VxScan v2 scanning software that generates a live rendered image of the object immediately as it is being scanned, as well as providing scan data output directly as a high quality STL polygonal mesh file.


The use of a photogrammetry based 3D self-positioning system by these laser scanners delivers major advantages over competing 3D scanning systems. This becomes immediately apparent in operation as the component does not need to be rigidly fixtured in a stationary position. Accurate scan data may be obtained while an object is freely manipulated to reach all sides during a single scan.


Similarly, accidental movement of an object during scanning presents no problem to the integrity of the scan and objects that are unavoidably mounted in a compliant manner may just as accurately scanned, such as a normally sprung car body.


Real-world positioning accuracy is substantially enhanced by being referenced directly to the object being scanned, rather than a remote Zero Point, thus delivering higher scanning integrity than many elaborate and far less portable systems.


Through a combination of the scanner's self-positioning technology and the advanced algorithms in the vXscan software, scan data is refined in real time to eliminate the band of uncertainty typically associated with scanned point cloud data, which otherwise needs to be refined by post-processing with sophisticated 3rd party software.


Impressively, overscanning surface regions with EXAscan simply produces a greater mesh refinement rather than increased uncertainty in the surface point data.


While delivering these powerful advantages, EXAscan remains an extremely portable system, the complete system fitting into a aircraft carry-on sized protective case.


For any further information on EXAscan or for  a system demonstration, call IS Tecnik on 02 9546 5676, or email to

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