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Optical Portable CMM for Verification of Stampings

Actiris350 Portable Optical CMM implemented by Sungwoo Hitech for highly efficient production quality control of large components.

Korean body component manufacturer Sungwoo Hitech has implemented the Actiris350 portable CMM for component quality control in their new stamping and assembly plant in the Czech Republic.


The portable CMM is being used to allow parts up to 1m x 2.5m to be measured anywhere in the large plant, with a requirement for part accuracy better than ±0.2mm.

Actiris350 available from IS Tecnik was chosen primarily because of its good mobility and its dynamic datum tracking feature.

In addition, its fast and easy set up make it one of the most user-friendly portable CMM’s available.

To easily reach any machine in the plant for on the spot quality control, the option of a fully self-contained wheeled trolley with an internal 8-hour power supply was selected.

The Actiris350 portable CMM’s ability to dynamically monitor the work-piece datum coordinates using three or more magnetic reflectors allows parts to be measured quickly and virtually anywhere without special rigid fixturing.

Being able to dynamically track the work-piece coordinates also allows reliable part measurements to be made even under typical workshop conditions with the influences of machine vibration and potential for part movement.

For this application, the Actiris350 is used with PowerINSPECT metrology software to allow direct comparison of part surface points and extensive geometric features to a CAD model.

With only 5 minutes to set up the portable CMM system and with the creation of a dynamic referential for the component coordinates taking less than a minute, the system is rapidly ready to measure and the alignment is complete for the entire job.

According to Lukáš Bohoš, from the Quality Assurance Department of SungWoo Czech, “We had to use a measuring machine able to move anywhere in the workshop and very simple to use. Actiris350 was an obvious choice for us. Now we have a complete measuring solution matching all our needs."


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