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Verisurf option added to the Actiris350 portable CMM

To meet customer interest in the Aerospace industry, ActiCM has added the option of Verisurf software to its Actiris350 portable CMM system.

The capabilities of the Actiris350 portable CMM, well suited to many inspection requirements in the Aerospace industry, may now be exploited using powerful Verisurf Metrology Software with its proven capabilities working with native Catia V4 and V5 files.

Actiris may now be selected to be alternatively configured with Verisurf as well as Delcam PowerInspect, Metrolog and Prelude software already available to ActiCM customers.


The powerful features of the Acitiris portable CMM that allow a single operator to quickly and efficiently measure all faces of complex and large components bring particular benefits when combined with CAD model based metrology software such as Verisurf or PowerInspect.


In the manufacture of Aerospace composite parts, this combination of capabilities finds ideal applications in the measurment of both inside and outside moulded surfaces of high curvature parts using a common frame of reference that is dynamically tracked by the system throughout the measurement session, during which the system or the part itself may be repositioned as required to obtain the most practical orientation for each section. 


By doing so, the coordinate positions of measurement points all over the part are maintained without tying together separate datum setups as would otherwise be required, with inherent loss in accuracy and potential for positioning error.


Actiris350 is a truly portable CMM system that operates using a combination of automated photogrammetry and digital image recognition to allow a totally connection free hand-held stylus probe to be used to measure both geometrical features and free form surfaces, using either discrete point measurements or continuous multiple point scanning at up to 17 points/second.


The system is suitable for measuring components up to 6 metres in diameter without the need for transferring datums.


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