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An Open Letter to Rod Hamar

The reasons we like selling Hamar Stealth Shaft Alignment Lasers

Soft Foot in Shaft Alignment
It is impossible to properly align a machine with a soft foot, but as many types of Soft Foot condition exist it is important to understand the possible causes.

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Laser Alignment of Drag Line Drive Motors

Hamar S-650 delivers fast and dependable alignment of drag line drive motors in the field.

The Hamar S-650 dual beam wireless shaft alignment system has proved to deliver its promise of ease of use and highly efficient alignment of large machine drives in harsh Australian field conditions.

The system has been applied widely in the Australian mining industry, and has been shown to both provide highly reliable alignments and large time savings in the recommissioning of large drag-line equipment in the field.

The Hamar S-650 is a totally wireless precision laser shaft alignment system. It has the highest precision in the industry as well as the largest measurement range.

The system comes as standard with extensive software features including live, "to-scale" graphics showing alignment offset and angle errors as adjustments are made, a soft-foot correction routine, automatic and manual tolerance setting, single sweep operation, thermal growth offsets, dedicated vertical mode and a fast and easy uncoupled shaft routine.

The Windows based software used by the Hamar S-650 provides an operator interface that is far superior to typical dedicated small screen control systems, and also provides excellent facilities for generating customised reports that may be directly stored, printed or emailed as PDF files directly from the control station, with virtually unlimited storage capacity.

For more information or a demonstration of the Hamar S-650 Laser Shaft Alignment System, call IS Tecnik on +61 (0)2 9546 56 76 or email us at:
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