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New Feature! Reports with Photos & Signature
Now you can directly insert photos and a signature into Stealth alignment reports.

Correcting Soft Foot

The importance of correcting soft foot errors demands effecitve laser soft foot measurement

Direct Angle Measurement
Why Stealth Technology is Better over Long Distances

Exceptionally Rugged 8" and 10" Laser Display Screens

Check out the torture tests that Stealth Laser display units were subjected to in development.

Stealth Laser Shaft Alignment Website
Hamar Laser Instruments have launched a new website dedicated to their industry leading STEALTH range of Laser Alignment Systems

FibroDRIVE+ in Australia
New FibroDRIVE+ tables with integrated control & drive allow simple implementation of programmable rotary positioning.

Fibro Rotary Motion
ISTecnik appointed national distributor of Fibro rotary motion systems

Efficient Sole Plate Levelling
Dual axis electronic levels from Digipas shorten sole plate levelling times by 50%.

New Ultra Precision Digital Machinists Level
The 2-axis DWL8500xy is suitable for precision machine levelling to 1 arcsecond in both directions.

TC-76D All New Digital Scanning Probe

The all new TC76D scanning probe from Blum provides large time savings and interesting new probing possibilities.

New Versions of S-680 Laser Shaft Aligner
New S-680BP and S-680BT laser shaft aligners from Hamar put the ultimate alignment precision in reach of more users.

New S-660 Laser System - Affordable Performance
The outstanding Hamar S-660 wireless laser shaft aligner now released in Australia.

New Precision Dual Axis Levels
A new range of 2-axis precision digital electronic machinists levels provides high levelling accuracy and simplicity.

Laser Pump Alignment
Hamar S-670 sets new standards in pump alignment efficiency and ease of use.

CNC Machine Calibration
Fast and affordable CNC machine axis calibration with LICS-100A

Used Laser Shaft Aligner Sale
One used S-680 Laser Shaft Aligner on sale now

Laser Precision Machine Levelling
The Hamar L740 series scanning laser levels provide ideal levelling solution for all machine tools.

Lasers Vastly Improve Pulley Alignments
Reflected beam laser technology provides far superior pulley and belt alignments in rapid time.

Precision Machine Tool Alignment

Hamar Multi-plane Geometrical Lasers Ideal for Aligning Large Precision Machine Tools

Soft Foot in Shaft Alignment
It is impossible to properly align a machine with a soft foot, but as many types of Soft Foot condition exist it is important to understand the possible causes.

ISTecnik Precision Laser Metrology
Laser Shaft Alignment Advantages

Laser shaft alignment delivers powerful cost savings to plants running all types of rotating equipment.

The Accuracy of Laser Alignement Reduces Bearing/Seal Costs

Properly aligned motors and pumps or other equipment will last longer, perform better and use less electricity. Laser shaft alignment is an extremely fast and highly accurate tool to align motors to pumps. Not only will you perform motor/pump alignment in record time, but you will also increase the life of motor bearings and seals, potentially saving thousands of dollars annually in reduced maintenance costs. And depending on how many motors you have, the investment will most often pay for itself inside the very first year through reduced repair costs.

Lasers Are Simply Faster

After more than 15 years of laser shaft alignment, it is now an established fact that lasers are simply faster than indicator based methods. The bigger the motor, the more time saved during alignments. On larger systems with critical alignments, using an advanced laser system has been shown to be able to reduce alignment times literally from days to hours. On critical machinery where downtime is very costly, this time saving is especially valuable.

Live Data in 4 Axes and Shim Values Really Speed Alignments

Advanced systems such as the Hamar S-650 show both the horizontal and vertical misalignment for both angle and center at the same time in real time. Combining this with Windows-based software that calculates shim values really saves time. No longer will you have to guess how far your horizontal moves are going. You will know instantly with the S-650.

Indicator Methods Not Accurate Enough

With the advent of vibration analysis and thermal imaging, it is becoming clear that indicator-based methods are no longer good enough. To reduce vibrations and bearing-destroying heat, motors must be aligned very accurately. Indicator methods do a reasonable job of aligning the centers of the shafts but a poor job of making them parallel; large angular misalignments are common. By contrast, the S-650 provides the needed accuracy to reduce excess vibrations and heat so motors last their full theoretical service life. 

Laser Alignment Makes PM Programs More Efficient

If you have a preventative maintenance program, an advanced laser aligner such as the S-650 provides a vital tool. Whether you are changing a worn-out motor or simply performing a PM check, the S-650 will help you perform alignments faster and more accurately than before. It literally takes the S-650 about 5 minutes to set up and display misalignment data. You will know instantly whether you have to align a motor or not. And with our computer-based laser system, reports and saving alignment data have never been easier. The computer can store thousand's of alignment reports and you can even email reports directly from the alignment computer to your customer.

Automatic Sweep Function Saves Even More Time

In comparison to older laser technologies, advanced systems such as the S-650 use an accelerometer to provide rotation angle measurements, eliminating the "clock method" many other laser systems still use today. This rotation sensor automatically detects "start" and "stop" points, and works with a sweep angle of as little as 60 degrees, which is especially useful in cramped conditions. This delivers both a significant further time saving as well as simplifying the operating procedure and eliminating many potential operator errors.

Able to Works in Direct Sunlight

With a new internal light meter, the Hamar S-650 actually provides a display of how sunlight is affecting the readings. In most cases, the S-650 will actually work in direct sunlight without having to put up tarps or other shade devices. We took it down to a pipeline company and did an alignment on a sunny day surrounded by bright, white piping. It was so bright, we had to wear sunglasses to see, yet the S-650 performed flawlessly!

Universal Brackets Eliminate Bulky Accessories

One set of mounting brackets is all that is needed to align 95% of the motors out in the field. The brackets accommodate shafts from 8mm to 305mm, without modification, and the can be easily expanded to fit larger shafts to 500mm. For very special applications, an additional range of bracket accessories are available such as for non-rotating shafts, and offset brackets for very short shafts.

For more information or for a live demonstration of the Hamar S-650 laser shaft alignment system, call IS Tecnik on 02 9546 5676.

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