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An Open Letter to Rod Hamar

The reasons we like selling Hamar Stealth Shaft Alignment Lasers

Soft Foot in Shaft Alignment
It is impossible to properly align a machine with a soft foot, but as many types of Soft Foot condition exist it is important to understand the possible causes.

ISTecnik Precision Laser Metrology
New S-660 Laser System - Affordable Performance
The outstanding Hamar S-660 wireless laser shaft aligner now released in Australia.

New Precision Dual Axis Levels
A new range of 2-axis precision digital electronic machinists levels provides high levelling accuracy and simplicity.

VibrA PRO Hand Held Vibration Analyser

Easy to use and feature packed vibration analyser with built-in expert diagnostics

Laser Pump Alignment
Hamar S-670 sets new standards in pump alignment efficiency and ease of use.

CNC Machine Calibration
Fast and affordable CNC machine axis calibration with LICS-100A

Laser Interferometer Calibration System
The new LICS-100 Laser Distance Measurement System achieves highly portable, accurate & efficient axis calibration.

Precut Stainless Steel Shim
ISTecnik stocks precision 304 grade precut Stainless Steel shim in all standard sizes for same day dispatch.

Used Laser Shaft Aligner Sale
One used S-680 Laser Shaft Aligner on sale now

Laser Precision Machine Levelling
The Hamar L740 series scanning laser levels provide ideal levelling solution for all machine tools.

New S-670 Shaft Alignment Laser
All new Hamar Stealth S-670 provides a class-leading mid range laser shaft alignment system.

Stealth Laser Shaft Aligner is Released
Hamar has released the highly advanced "Stealth" Series of Laser Shaft Alignment Systems

Lasers Vastly Improve Pulley Alignments
Reflected beam laser technology provides far superior pulley and belt alignments in rapid time.

Green Laser Pulley Alignment System
High visibility GREEN light pulley alignment laser added to Seiffert range for best outdoor performance.

Pulley PARTNER Hits Australia
Newly available - Pulley PARTNER provides advanced simplicity in Laser Pulley Alignment.

High Resolution Handheld 3D Laser Scanner
Creaform has released the new high acccuracy EXAscan portable 3D laser scanner.

EXAscan and REVscan Scanners Released

World Leading Portable Laser Scanners

Portable Optical CMM for Extreme Applications

The precise measurement of a sprocket gear on a dam wall 8 metres above water level demonstrated the incredible portability of the Actiris350 portable CMM in action, available from IS Tecnik.

Optical Portable CMM for Verification of Stampings
Actiris350 Portable Optical CMM implemented by Sungwoo Hitech for highly efficient production quality control of large components.

Precision Laser Roll Alignmnet
Hamar multi-plane laser is ideal for alignment of high speed rolls in the paper and printing industries

Precision Machine Tool Alignment

Hamar Multi-plane Geometrical Lasers Ideal for Aligning Large Precision Machine Tools

Portable 3D Optical Measurement Systems
Optical Vision Based Measurement Systems Provide an Alternative to Articulated Arm CMM's with Real User Advantages

Laser Alignment of Drag Line Drive Motors
Hamar S-650 delivers fast and dependable alignment of drag line drive motors in the field.

New 5-axis Measurement Software
The new generation of FormcontrolV3 touch probe metrology software from Blum introduces many advanced high efficiency features for 5-axis machining.

20 Years of Laser Control from Blum

Blum offers state-of-the-art in laser tool measuring technology after 20 years of industry leadership

Multi-plane Laser for Machine Tool Alignment
Extraordinary time and accuracy advantages are provided by the Hamar multi-plane laser system

Marine Propulsion Shaft Alignment

The Hamar L700 laser delivers major gains in alignment of marine propulsion shaft lines.

Injection Moulding Machine Alignment
Hamar L743 multi-plane scanning laser is ideal for aligning injection moulding machine platens.

Laser Shaft Alignment Advantages

Laser shaft alignment delivers powerful cost savings to plants running all types of rotating equipment.

Touch Probes Offer Highest Trigger Repeatability
The excellent trigger precision shared by Blum's extended range of NC Touch Probes delivers real customer advantages

Laser Scanner and Point Tracking Features Added to Portable CMM
ActiCM's latest release of ASP software integrates high performance laser scanning, dynamic point tracking and automated tube bending program setup and adjustment

New Generation Laser Shaft Alignment System
Hamar's new generation S-650 laser shaft alignment system delivers the ultimate accuracy and ease of use for Australian industry.

Aircelle Invests in 2nd Actiris350 portable CMM for Measuring Aircraft Engine Nacelles
One of the worlds top producers of nacelles for commercial aircraft engines, Aircelle, has selected Actiris350 portable CMM for product verification at its new plant in Morocco based on the demonstrated successof the portable CMM in its two French plants.

Hamar releases new A-1531/1532 Universal Laser Alignment Targets
These affordable wireless readout targets with a measuring range of 3", resolution as fine as .001", multiple display modes and units and an operating range of 30 metres are suitable for most laser alignment tasks...

Blum Laser Tool Measurement technology secures competitive edge in jet engine race

Alstom Aerospace has implemented Blum laser tool measurement and setting technology as part of its focus on implementing high-tech manufacturing excellence in machining highly complex jet engine components.

Actiris350 portable CMM selected by HONDA Japan

Honda has acquired Actiris 350 for the vital role of R&D measurement of crash test deformation.

Verisurf option added to the Actiris350 portable CMM
To meet customer interest in the Aerospace industry, ActiCM has added the option of Verisurf software to its Actiris350 portable CMM system.

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